With so much advice, tips and information out there on how to land your dream job I am feeling stressed from the sheer volume of what I need to know and I haven’t even interviewed yet.

We have put our heads together in the office and come up with a list of what NOT to do for your interview. Common sense… Most likely but we have taken the stories and comments from hiring managers we have heard over the years and compiled a list for you.

What not to do, to get that job

  1. Don’t be late for your interview

If you are running late call the hiring manager or recruiter and let them know. We understand stuff happens and it can be unavoidable but tell someone otherwise your punctuality will be questioned and it’s not a good look. On the flip side don’t be super early it’s annoying having you waiting in reception 45 minutes before. Turn up 5 minutes before the interview is scheduled.

  1. Wear appropriate clothes.

Have you heard the expression ‘dress to impress’ well it works!  Depending on the role you are going for, you may not need the full suit and tie but are shorts, singlet and thongs the best you could do?

  1. Don’t sit in reception on your phone

Turn your phone off or put it on silent, you don’t want it ringing during your interview. Take the time to observe and see what is going on, it’s amazing what you can see when you are not glued to your phone.

  1. Don’t smoke just before your interview

We understand it might help you to not be so nervous – but the smell will be noticeable no matter how many mints you chew.

  1. Do not take a takeaway coffee cup into the interview

We understand it’s the norm to walk around with a cup in your hand but now is not the time or place. It also makes it awkward when you go to shake hands and your hands are full. We won’t even go there with chewing gum!

  1. Don’t bag out your previous employees

Yes, your old employers might be awful but if you criticise them in the interview the hiring manager won’t be impressed and it’s a small world out there.  You may give the impression you could be difficult to work with.

  1. Don’t sit down before you are invited and bring your enthusiasm!

Wait until you are told to sit down, its common courtesy. Ensure your body language is sending the right signals. Make eye contact with the hiring manager, ensure you have a solid handshake and be happy, no one wants to chat with someone who is sour.

  1. Don’t answer the question with ‘it’s on my resume’

This is one of our pet hates, we want to hear your answer, how you articulate and communicate what you have done not just a one-word statement.

  1. Watch your language

Obviously swearing is off limits but how often do you say umm when you are talking or ‘like’ or do you finish your sentence with yeah. Practising some sample interview questions before your interview may help you to be more articulate.

We hope we haven’t scared you off with all our don’ts, be yourself and try to enjoy the experience no matter how nervous you may be. One last thing; treat everyone you meet with a smile from other people in the lift, the receptionist, to walking past desks towards the meeting room – these could be your potential colleagues, bosses and they will share their impressions of you later. Make sure you are seen in a positive light.

We would love to hear any stories or experiences you have had during your interviews from either side of the desk.