Super friendly staff so happy with the process of securing a job the help and support was exceptional

Carol Burns

Very professional and respectful staff, my experience was very positive and exceeded my expectations compared to other recruitment companies I have dealt with.

Danny Thomas

It was a pleasure spending time with Sal Rust through the interview process. Sal made it a comfortable experience, allowing me the ability to express my skills and experience, background and history. Although I cant be certain that I will get the role I applied for, I am certain that I will be represented fairly through the process. Thank you Sal, well done!

Steve Sebbes

Sal is very helpful she asked me the perfect questions to determine what I would be good at and also enjoy doing. Very professional.

Roma Howell

Mandy is such a joy to deal with!Great agency, personable with excellent reputation. Highly recommend.

Andrea Benicky

Very thorough and detailed.

Philomena Seeto

On time, very detailed and professional. Thanks Sal

Sarah Matthews

Amazing experience so far! In the process of finding a job that I can grow in and enhance on my existing skills. Sal from optimal recruitment asked relevant questions to the job application I applied for and made me feel extremely comfortable and confident when discussing my professional experience. Hopefully, she can help me find a job I will fit into and love, highly recommend this team!

Chelsie O'Brien

I found sal from optimal recruitment to be professional, friendly and extremely helpful I'd recommend job seekers like myself to definitely get in contact with the optimalteam

Stacey Wilson

Nice and professional specilists! Thanks your effort👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

Leon Li

Julie was extremely helpful and very easy to talk to. It was a pleasure meeting her and discussing what options are available.

Mark Maguire

This recruitment agency is pro-active and demonstrated excellent ability in matching my skills and cultural-fit to their job vacancy. They were also prompt in all follow-up and communication.I highly recommend their services.

Katherine Jane

I had such a great experience with Optimal Recruitment, especially with Sal.After applying for a job advertisement on Seek, I was contacted immediately by Sal and an interview was setup. She was very efficient and approachable, and I am currently due to start my next career in a few days.I would highly recommend Optimal Recruitment in Brookvale!

Sarah Hearsch

First off they lied about fulltime as the role was ongoing casual for synthetic grass and rubber. They are still advertising the role as a fulltime delivery driver. The role was labouring and not delivery driving. The company (Synthetic Grass and Rubber) is so toxic but act professional (dont believe me then go work for them and listen to the labourers)Since I left they have nominated me for a fine in Bankstown when I was in Terry Hills at the time (proof will come out in court)The pay was 28.50 without overtime but it was sold to me with overtime by Optimal.After I took the job they asked me to leave a google review. Here it is 👍

Tyrone Summons

Sal was very helpful, provided advice and good tips to help me secure a new role.


My experience with Optimal Recruitment has been superb so far. I responded to a job advertisement, received a phone call shortly after, asked to meet Julie the next business day, and then was invited to have the first interview with their client.I am in the middle of the process, yet I decided to leave a good review here because they are very organised, up-to-the-point, and professional. They follow up with you regularly, they respect you, and they respect your time.Thumbs up!I strongly recommend them.

Mohsen Dezaki

Thank you Sal for being so supportive and taking the time to get to know me and help me.

Majd Qutob

Julie was very pleasant and helpful. would recommend Optimal Recruitment to others based on my personal experience.


Very helpful and professional.

Binit Paudel

I registered myself in to the agency end of last year and just got a full time job offer beginning of the year. The team is very reliable, easy to reach and very carry. Thank you Optimal Recruitment!!

Antoine Guillet

Sal at Optimal was amazing. She was very encouraging and attentive and helped guide me through the recruitment process very effectively.she was very helpful throughout the process .

neetu vashistha

I’ve just started with Optimal Recruitment and within my first meeting with them, the next day I get a call for not one but two interviews they had already lined up for me! So thankful for their great knowledge within the work place and finding the right job for you!

Tia Chanel

Thank you for being so professional Optimal Recruitment and Julie and team. From beginning to end the recruitment process has been flawless in its high level customer service. Thank you from an experienced HR recruiter communications candidate who understands the difference that listening, follow up and delivering great service makes to all in involved.

Mel Armstrong-Jones

Very professional and approachful


Well established and highly professional firm to deal with. Julie makes the whole interview experience easy and comfortable.I had a great discussion with her about my experiences, skill sets and future opportunities.I highly recommend Optimal Recruitment.

Diba Rizwan

Optimal team gives you all the support you needFriendly and professionalHighly recommend!

Luciana Ferreira

My experience with Optimal Recruitment was absolutely brilliant. I was contacted for an opportunity I hadn't considered previously and I was subsequently placed into that role. And it turned out to be a perfect fit for me and the organisation.Optimal were always professional and diligent in all dealings but at the same time they were friendly and helped you feel relaxed throughout the process. They were wonderful.

Alex Kane

I responded to a job position advert and met with the professional ladies at Optimal Recruitment to discuss my application. Whilst the advertised position wasn't suitable for me, they were able to find me another position that was perfect for me. They completely understood my experience and future needs and matched me with the perfect company. The team at Optimal are always there when I have a question and take great care to match the applicant with the most suitable position. I would highly recommend Optimal Recruitment to anyone looking for a new role.

Melanie Scott

Julie at Optimal was fabulous . She kept me informed all the way through the recruitment process and found me a great job with a great group of people

Fenella Clarke

I know Mandy for years and she helped me out again as a true proffessional. Real happy with Optimal recruitement for helping me out when needed! Thank you for your help!

Nikolay Kostadinov

Mandy O'Sullivan of Optimal Recruitment in Brookvale has been enormously helpful in assisting me in the search of my next position. She has a thoroughly professional approach, with a confident and reassuring manner. Not only has she closely assessed my experience and skill sets, she also offered suggestions and options I had not before considered. She helpfully supplied information regarding other approaches she felt would aid my endeavour. It was a pleasure in itself to meet and speak with Mandy and I would recommend her to anyone seeking that next opportunity.

Bruce Winchester

Sal was great! I have no doubt I'll be in the right job in no time 👍😁

Clare Woolfall

Friendly and informative

Bob Maconachie

A big thanks goes to Julie for helping me secure a fantastic role with a fantastic company. You have saved me 3 hours of daily travelling and matched me well in a job that I am enjoying. I cannot thank you enough!

Daniele Dias

Julie, Sal and the rest of the Optimal Team have been so fantastic to work with. Such genuine, successful professionals who have a passion for what they do and it clearly shows.

Wendy Dias

Great company

Fernando Kaboth

Sal was really helpful. She took care of my process and at every stage and really put in the extra effort to help me. I really recommend them .

martha cecilia zafra rivera

I would like to thank Mandy and Julie in Optimal Recruitment. Mandy welcomed me and Julie found me the job which is the sum of my 25 years of work experience within one week. I am very satisfied with the professionalism of ladies working there and I recommend this agency to anyone that is looking for job in Northern Beaches.

Igor Vuleta

I use Optimal Recruitment to find temp assignments for myself and the service has been stellar. My first job was a short term fill in and the Optimal recruiters were there to answer all questions. Second assignment suits me like a glove and still there. The staff at Optimal definitely take the care and time to make sure that the jobs offered to candidates are a good fit and vice versa for work culture. If I have had an issue, my recruiter has been right there to work with me in confidence. I have worked with numerous recruitment agences on the Northern Beaches over a few decades and hands down Optimal Recruitment tops all with their professionalism, care to fill a job with the correct candidate and take care of their temps. Will definitely stick with this agency for my future employment needs.

Amanda Katz

I’ve had such a positive experience with the onboarding recruitment process & securing a new role starting in the new year with the help of Julie - The Managing Director.The role which I have obtained was not the original role which I applied for but Julie was such an angel keeping me in the loop until a more “optimal” role opportunity which would finally appear shortly afterwardswhich now this new role opportunity would be more aligned with my prior work experience and more importantly the values which I have carried across which encompasses multiple years of experience in the customer service industry.I definitely advise anyone considering reaching out to a recruitment agency to reach out to Optimal Recruitment for assistance with their sense of professionalism and ability to finding the best role suited towards your personal attributes for employment.

Keanu De Sousa

I have the pleasure of working with Mandy at Optimal Recruitment. She has made my job searching in a new area so much easier. With her extensive experience, friendly nature and outstanding knowledge of the local area, I was able to secure a number of interviews with local companies before even arriving in Sydney. She has made the transition from a rural area to the city so simple and easy and all from 8hrs away. I would have absolutely NO problem at all in recommending Mandy and the team at Optimal to anyone at all. If your unsure, still reach out to them and I am CERTAIN they will try their hardest to do anything and everything they can to help you along and into your next career move. Absolutely 5 stars and deserved of more! No other place I would rather work with now. Well done! And thank you so much, particularly Mandy for all the time and effort you have put into helping me out.

Aiden King

Sal really took the time to get to know me and what I was wanting from a role. She found a role that was perfect for me and one that I am enjoying and finding rewarding. Could not recommend Optimal Recruitment enough, professional, friendly, and interested in you as a person; they aren't an agency that just wants to meet their targets but one that thinks about all the placements they do and cares if you're happy in that role. Thanks again Sal!

Emily Phillips

Thank you Julie for placing me in a fantastic role. Your ability to match me well with my new company is greatly appreciated and I've been impressed with your professionalism and insights into the industry and people that I am working in. And the fact that I've been able to significantly reduce my travel time to work has been incredible. So thank you!

Daniele Dias

I cannot be happier with my experience here. Sal is very helpful, kind encouraging and, most importantly, she secured me employment within 3 days!! Thank you Optimal Recruitment, and especially Sal.

Kelly Ward

Sal is awesome and is so knowledgeable. Makes sure you are in right role

Paula Brennan

efficiency and friendly, caring approach. Thank you Sal, you’ve given me great support and a pleasure to communicate with!

Fernanda Cunha

Had a great experience with Sal from Optimal, would highly recommend using her and the services of Optimal recruitment.

Richard Buzas

Optimal Recruitment were fantastic to work with and helped me secure a job I’m very passionate about. Couldn’t recommend them more 🙂

Chloe Bullivant

Optimal Recruitment is an exceptional company. Very comfortable and professional interview and application processes.


Maybe, I was just lucky and my case was just one of, ...but I was working in such a short time. Remember thinking, wishing, for the time to slow down. ;):) Must say I like my new position (I am 4th week in), working with nice people, what's very important.Thank you Optimal Recruitment for making it happen, thank you for allowing me to be my best, thank you Julie Lawther. Unfortunately, week 5 and i am on the street again. Short lived happiness.Badly organized...

T Man2

Maybe, I was just lucky and my case was just one of, ...but I was working in such a short time. Remember thinking, wishing, for the time to slow down. ;):) Must say I like my new position (I am 4th week in), working with nice people, what's very important.Thank you Optimal Recruitment for making it happen, thank you for allowing me to be my best, thank you Julie Lawther. Unfortunately, week 5 and i am on the street again. Short lived happiness.Badly organized...

Tom Man

Sal placed me for a job interview it was a perfect match, really professional experience with Optimal Recruitment.

Robert Whelan

Optimal Recruitment were incredibly responsive, supportive and encouraging over the whole course of time I was associated with them during the employment process. Sal in particular, went to extra measures to ensure that my existing skills, abilities and motives really suited the roles I was put forward for. She was very genuine, and spoke with encouragement and transparency throughout the whole process. The end result was obtaining a role within an industry that I am incredibly passionate about!

Zoia Wowk

I loved my experience with Sal at Optimal Recruitment. Sal made me feel like a friend instantly and listened and understood what I wanted and found me a job that matched that. Thank you.

Ruth McDonald

Covid has been hard on us all and I turned to optimal recruitment when I hadn’t had any luck myself trying to find a job. Within the first two weeks I had an interview and then got the job!! Loved sals work and she was compassionate and understanding, did the best she could for me. Would highly recommend them, especially for any beaches locals 🙂

Hannah Schenk

The team at Optimal Recruitment are true professionals. I was overwhelmed by their efficiency and friendly, caring approach. Sal Rust matched my skills and experience to find me the perfect job! Thank you Sal, you’ve given me great support and a pleasure to communicate with!

Michelle walley

Really happy with my experience with optimal recruitment. Sal is awsome, friendly, professional and very efficient!Thank you!!

Tayla Roach

Thanks Julie Lawther for your time and support provided, now its on me to do my best, much appreciated.

Ismark Velasquez

I would like to thank optimal recruitment for all their help, With a very friendly and professional environment the process was so easy to be apart of. During exceptional times of many being unemployed Optimal found employment for myself very quickly...Happy days.. 5 stars ***** + 5 words.... Friendly, Reliable, Trustworthy, Professional, Dedicated.

Peter Betterridge

Julie and the team at Optimal Recruitment are professional, friendly, listen to you and have always found work for me. Julie has an enviable list of clients and has a reputation for attracting excellent candidates for the wide variety of roles filled by Optimal. Whether you're looking for work or hiring staff, don't go anywhere else.

Jackie Hardwick