Yesterday, I had an introductory meeting with Julie at Optimal Recruitment, and I was thoroughly impressed. Julie's professionalism and gentle demeanor made the experience truly pleasant. We spent time discussing my background, experience, and what I'm looking for in my next role. Julie was incredibly understanding and made sure to gather all the necessary information for the best possible outcome. The staff at Optimal Recruitment were also very helpful and ensured that I felt comfortable throughout the process. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking professional and supportive assistance in their job search.
Rodrigo Guerra de la Cruz
Finally a recruitment company that treats you like a human being as opposed to just ticking boxes for the roles that they have available. Iam looking forward to working with them.
David Wesson
My introductory meeting this week with the Optimal Recruitment team was a pleasure. Julie was generous with her time, and I left feeling confident in her understanding of my background and objectives. Highly recommended.
Sharon Knight
Excellent meeting with Kate Mack. She was understanding, yet probing regarding my employment history and future aspirations. Fully recommend.
Don Paton
Amazing service and great staff.
Jarod Brown
My experience with Optimal Recruitment has been nothing short of perfect. I can't appreciate Sal enough for understanding my background and matching me with a great job opportunity. She is proactive, transparent and organised. Thankyou so much Sal.
Sanjay Bhati
After 9 months of sending countless resumes and failed interviews i was told to contact optimal recruitment. I walked into their brookvale office and was immediately greeted with good vibes and interviewed. I didnt know what to expect as i had tried soo hard to find work and wasnt getting anywhere. Julie and her team had me working within days and even when there was a complication julie found me another job within hours. Im now working fulltime in a job i really enjoy thanks to her team. I cant thank her enough! Do i recomend optimal recruitment? VERY MUCH SO!!
Kevork Keverian
Extremely productive, professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Kate Muston
I was most impressed with my interview with Julie at Optimal and her very open and friendly professional manner..
Bruce Robins
Was such a lovely experience working with Sal Rust at Optimal. It was such a pleasure doing my initial interview with her, she was so personable whilst diligently listing what I wanted from a new position, my strengths and my weaknesses . I was extremely fortunate to obtain a position quickly, contract follow up was prompt, and she even looked into on-site parking for me. Highly recommend Optimal.
Chris Warrander
Sal was amazing. I felt like I was talking to an old friend and she had enough care to give me advice on how to improve my CV. On a random note, their office is so cute and the receptionist is so sweet and attentative. I felt like they all cared to ensure my success in getting a job that would not only suit me, but also the employer.
Elizabeth mutambara
I had a great conversation with Kate. It was not just a regular job interview. We also discussed different options and paths that I could take and what would be better for my career and development.
Sebastián Svrsek
From start to finish, my experience with this agency was exceptional, making the job-seeking process surprisingly enjoyable. What truly set the agency's apart was their practical and easy-going approach. Right from the initial consultation, they took the time to understand my skills, preferences, and career goals. This personalized attention ensured that the opportunities they presented were not just a match on paper, but also aligned with my aspirations. The communication was prompt, transparent, and supportive. The teammaintained a friendly and approachable demeanor. They fostered an environment where I felt comfortable reaching out with questions or concerns. Ultimately, thanks to Optimal, I found a fantastic opportunity that aligns perfectly with my career aspirations. I wholeheartedly recommend Optimal Recruitment to anyone seeking a recruitment agency that goes above and beyond. A big thank you to the entire team and specially Julie for their dedication and support!
Josefina Velazquez
Very caring and understanding recruitment agency. Julie is a great listener and I thought picked up a lot of information from me that could be useful for my application. I really appreciate her understanding of my unique situation and did not just brush me aside. I do feel included in the opportunity.
I just had a lovely interview with Kate. She was very professional, and extremely helpful. I left Optimal Recuitement's interview feeling very optimistic.
Mariana Uchoa C. de Lauro
Everything ok 👌🏼👌🏼
Mauro Bertello
I had the pleasure of meeting Julie with Optimal Recruitment during my recent job search, and I am genuinely impressed by the exceptional level of service they provided. From the very beginning, it was clear that they operated with a level of professionalism and dedication that sets them apart in the industry. Throughout the entire recruitment process, they demonstrated a remarkable ability to understand not only the specific job roles I was interested in but also my unique skills, experiences, and aspirations. Their consultants took the time to conduct in-depth interviews and assessments, ensuring that they presented me with opportunities that aligned perfectly with my career goals. Kudos to the entire team at Optimal Recruitment for their outstanding work! Benny Ling 02/08/2023
Benny Ling
Kate is very professional and experienced and was a great help to me. I will absolutely recommend Optimal Recruitment.
Graeme Tracey
From the moment I contacted Optimal Recruitment, their team was attentive and genuinely interested in understanding my career goals, skills, and aspirations. They took the time to listen, they make me feel comfortable and their in-depth knowledge of various industries and their commitment to matching candidates with the right opportunities were evident from the start. Thank you!
Noelia Lago
Julie is extremely professional, knowledgeable and educated.. has lots of contacts in the employment and careers industry.
Spiritual Franz Awakener of the SOUL
Very responsible agent!
Zongheng Huang
Friendly, personal and local. As a job seeker, I found them very helpful. They took the time to get to know my profile, understand what I am looking for, and work with me to find the right role for me.
Maciej Mojsa
Great venue, friendly staff, fantastic opportunities!
Lee Li
Great experience at Optimal Recruitment with a casual enquiry resulting in an opportunity to work on the Northern Beaches. Sal & Julie were very supportive and looked at my skills to find the right role, the process was completed in just 2 weeks. Consider using the local experts to find your next job. Thankyou Optimal Recruitment .
Colin P
Reliable company and nice and gentle staff
V Albano
Thanks Julie very much!
Juan Cruz Madero
I had such a great experience with Optimal Recruitment,I had a chance to be interviewed by Sal Rust, She has gone through my resume and gave me some suggestions to improve it.
Sara Fardi
I would highly recommend Optimal Recruitment, a very professional team
Sofia Lopez
Julie an amazing person and she is really helpful and supportive
Meme Barakat
Jo was extremely professional , knowledgeable, polite and to the point , highly recommend her.
Bashir Khan
Julie was kind and I loved to talk to her in the interview
Augustine SGrandi
Polite, professional, & well informed. Normally I don't have much to do with job networks but this time everything went well, most of the time it doesn't go well for me & I've had many bad experiences with job network agencies but I'm happy to say not this time, it went very well. Thank you 👍
M McLeod
Excellent support from the team at Optimal in helping secure good jobs in the Northern Beaches. Excellent agency to have on your side.
Andrew Jawahar
Sal and Jo were fantastic, they explored my knowledge base and gave me the confidence to explore options I had not even considered. I will definitely recommend Optimal Recruitment for anybody looking for a personalized experience.
Allison Dorau
Best work recruitment company ever thankyou to all staff
peter parsons
Sal gave very thorough details of their processes and I am now on their client contact list which is a great outcome from our zoom meeting during which she was very patient when webcam failed at my end. Nice friendly lady and I look forward to gaining prospects through her agency
Patrick Delainey
I applied for an advertised role and was invited for an interview. Julie tried to know my career background better, was professional and helpful. We also explored potential roles that I may like to consider and I believe she will help to find a suitable role soon. I strongly recommend Optimal Recruitment.
Peter Tay
I participated in an interview with Jo about prospective positions, I found the entire process to be great, she provided good detail about all positions and was able to answer all my questions.
Dwayne Neilson
I was interviewed by Julie and Jo and both were really kind. They took the time to know about my life and my goals. I’m really happy with Optimal experience
Clemente Annibali
I worked directly with Julie, and she was fantastic! My transition between jobs was smooth and easy, Julie was there every step of the way, I would highly recommend working with Optimal Recruitment, as I am very happy with the outcome and the recruitment process.
Courtney Kirkman
It was wonderful meeting Jo (recruitment specialist) and one more talenja(sorry if I spell your name wrongly) this morning . They interviewed for 3 job opportunities and were specific about the requirements. Will high recommend them, if anyone looking for a job or switching their career.
Vaibhavi Deshmukh
I was interviewed by Julie Lawther and she was very honest about the good and the bad of the role, that allowed me to make the best possible decision for me, no all recruiters are that open and honest.
Arturo Calderon
They are a great team at Optimal, friendly, helpful and get results I would recommend them to anyone that wants a job,
adrian stafford
Absolute experts in their field and look forward to getting a great result from Sal and her team.
Jody Porter
Optimal Recruitment is great company to associate with. Ms. Jo Bohm is a very professional and extremely helpful person.I give 5 star to this company.
Paritosh Chakrapani
I found Julie to be very efficient and thorough throughout the process.
Peter Mclean
I had a chance to be interviewed by Sal Rust at Optimal Recruitment agency recently. She has gone through my resume line by line to understand about my experiences to be able to find a proper role for me. She is friendly and extremely helpful. She is professional and ensured I was well equipped and prepared for the role. Thanks Sal. 🙂
Martin Fa
Very friendly staff, and very helpful..
Marie A
Good Support from the team!
Abhishek Puri
I recommend Optimal Recruitment!Thank you to Sal Rust to dedicated her time to help me to find a new position.
Barbier Sarah
it was a great interview, the questions were exactly and professional.Julie was sociable and friendly.
Tanya Zamudio
Julie & the team take the time to get to know you as a candidate and then place you in the position that will best suit your (and the customers) needs. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Optimal team and it’s thanks to them that I now have permanent employment.
Koby Brice
Wonderful team.. excellent service. Couldn't be happier.
Craig Bushby
Very professional & friendly staff, especially the director (Julie). She is the best consultant I’ve ever met.
Agustina Khang
After being in my previous role for 11 years and then finding myself looking for work, I was anxious . Jo and Sal moved very quickly in looking for suitable roles for me. They were both professional and friendly, and the work I was put forward for, was exactly what I wanted. The time they spent preparing me for interviews, over the phone, email and zoom, instilled me the confidence in my skills, and I was successful in gaining employment in my ideal position. I would absolutely recommend this agency for any jobseekers.
Munirih Tomiki
Super friendly staff so happy with the process of securing a job the help and support was exceptional
Carol Burns
Very professional and respectful staff, my experience was very positive and exceeded my expectations compared to other recruitment companies I have dealt with.
Danny Thomas
Optimal team gives you all the support you need Friendly and professional Highly recommend!
Luciana Ferreira
It was a pleasure spending time with Sal Rust through the interview process. Sal made it a comfortable experience, allowing me the ability to express my skills and experience, background and history. Although I cant be certain that I will get the role I applied for, I am certain that I will be represented fairly through the process. Thank you Sal, well done!
Steve Sebbes
Sal is very helpful she asked me the perfect questions to determine what I would be good at and also enjoy doing. Very professional.
Roma Howell