Future of Work

The Future Of Work

On  Wednesday 21st February 2024, Optimal Recruitment & Tayga Consulting jointly hosted a breakfast business seminar at Long Reef Golf Club. It was the first of four seminars in our  2024 ‘Future-proofing your Organisation’ series. These seminars are specifically aimed at Northern Beaches organisations or executives who live on the beaches but work elsewhere.

A big thank you to our first guest speaker Jolanda Rotteveel from House of Change who led an engaging, thought-provoking seminar on The Future of Work. Thank you also to the attendees who provided valuable insights into what their organisations are doing in the ‘Future of Work’ space.

Here are some key takeaways from the event:

Thriving in a Flexible Work Environment

  • Leaders need to feel confident having conversations with their teams on ways of working.
  • Flexible work policies enable high performance within  teams and support great outcomes for the wider organisation.
  • All employees have the right to disconnect.

Navigating the Impact of Technology and Automation

  • It is important to assess the impact of emerging technologies and automation on productivity, skills and organisational goals.
  • Organisations need to have a clear view of the specific skills needed for their business model and strategy.
  • Leaders should foster a culture that embraces technology and encourages employees to adapt and leverage new tools.

 Talent and Skills: Who Does the Work?

  • Effectively attracting and retaining talent is crucial for current and future success.
  • Organisations should regularly ask employees about their Employee Experience (EX).
  • Focus on fit for the organisation and teams, as well as looking at individual skills and role fit.

How is Work Enabled?

  • Leaders should promote a culture of open communication,  collaboration, inclusion and knowledge sharing.
  • Health and wellbeing need to be a priority in every organisation.
  • It is important to be proactive in identifying and addressing the potential ethical implications of technologies.

If you are interested in being involved in our next seminar series, please contact the Optimal Recruitment team today on info@optimalrecruitment.com.au or 02 8416 4181.