Thank you Letter after your job interview

Should you send a Thank You letter after your Job interview?

The short answer is Yes. Writing a Thank You letter after a job interview is a great idea if it is done right.

Here are some of our team tips:

A follow up letter does not have to be a formal letter, it can also be a simple email or note. We believe that taking the time to write a Thank You letter will help assist you in making a great impression.  Not only is it good manners; it’s also another way to have your name in front of the manager again. I bet a handwritten thank you letter won’t be forgotten; we don’t tend to receive many these days and I know when I get one, I enjoy reading it and I always remember with fondness. You are not assured of getting the role because of it; but we do believe you will make a lasting impression.

Another reason for writing a Thank You letter after your job interview is also to sell yourself again. You may not have articulated yourself as best as you thought in the interview or maybe you did not get time to give a good example of where you used certain skills. You can use the Thank You letter to highlight your skills and experience (don’t turn it into an essay though 😊) and don’t forget to tie it back into why you are a good fit for the job.

Timing is critical when writing a Thank You letter. We suggest writing the Thank You letter after the interview or the next day. (Bear in mind if you are posting the letter in the mail it may take a few days to reach the person). That way your discussion is front of mind and fresh if you leave it too long you could forget to do it or worse still; the interviewer cannot remember you. In an age where we are so busy, and decisions are made rapidly you do not want to be forgotten that easily.

We have drafted a Template Thank You Letter please view it here: Sample Thank You Letter

There is no right way to write a letter it comes down to personal preference and your style. Also, if the interview was terrible a Thank You note may not save you, use your judgement on whether to send one.

Never suspend your job search while you wait for a hiring decision, even if it is your dream job. We also suggest you do not contact the manager daily or even weekly for a decision. They will call you. That’s why we are such a fan of Thank You letters after the job interview as you are giving the manager a reminder of your skills, your name will be front of mind and if the hiring decision is between you and one other candidate the Thank You letter will sway it every time.

We would love to know if you have ever sent a Thank You letter after an interview and whether it was well received?