Returning to work after COVID

5 top tips for returning to work after Covid19

With restrictions now easing, more and more companies are gearing up for the safe return of employees back to work. We are all well aware of how to keep safe during this COVID19 pandemic … the good old elbow bump that has replaced the handshake, giving space to those around you and washing your hands frequently. But are we really keeping these top of mind as our COVID cases ease and restrictions lift, or have we slumped back into our old ways of doing things?

For connection in our society to strengthen and remain for the sake of our mental health and that of our economy, it is important not to forget these small safety gestures on-going as we all get used to our new normal. So here are 5 top tips for those of you returning to work, to help you keep vigilant and do your part for yourself as well as your community:

  1. Keep your stuff to yourself: in other words, think twice before sharing items such as calculators, scissors or staplers with your colleagues, and if you do, make sure you wipe them down properly every time with an alcohol-based wipe.
  2. Bring your own water bottle and/or coffee mug to work to reduce sharing amongst your colleagues and keep it at your desk once they’ve been cleaned.
  3. Take a bottle of sanitiser with you and have it on your desk – do not always rely on your employer to provide this. Use is frequently and ask your colleagues to do the same whenever they walk past or pop by for a chat (from 1.5m away of course!)
  4. When you leave your desk for the day pack your items away and leave it neat to help the cleaners do their best job to wipe down your work area. The less desks they have to tidy up the quicker and more thorough their cleaning will be.
  5. For the love of those around you please, pretty please, catch your sneeze in your elbow. And if those sneezes become more frequent and you’re beginning to feel unwell – stay at home and rest. This is not the time to be a martyr and your colleagues will thank you for it. And if you do have to go out for whatever reason, be responsible and wear a mask until you are 100% well again.

If you can make these small actions become daily habits, and show others how to do this too, we are well on our way to successfully navigating life with germs like COVID19 in it.

So… be safe, be positive and pay attention.

Written by Wendy Dias – owner of MedGuard – a Northern Beaches based supplier of anti-bacterial hygiene products for protection against harmful bacteria. MedGuard originated when COVID19 first hit Australia due to the difficulty of sourcing adequate face masks for an asthmatic family member. The urgency and frustration experienced in sourcing these products and others, lead to the start of MedGuard which now supplies a range of high demand products into families and businesses giving peace of mind for all environments. For more info on their range of products click HERE