Why are you the best person for the job


This is one of those questions that can easily throw you off balance, especially when the interview nerves kick in. With a little planning and practice, however, you’ll be able to take it in your stride. Here’s how to ace your answer to the question, “Why are you the best person for the job?” at interview.

What is your interviewer trying to find out?

Why is your interviewer asking this question in the first place? There are a number of reasons:

  • Your answer will demonstrate your understanding of the role you are interviewing for, i.e. what you believe you need to do the job effectively
  • It will also show your fit for the role
  • The way you deliver your response gives your interviewer an idea of your confidence level and ability to handle a challenging question

It’s important to take all these into consideration as you approach the question. As with any interview, preparation is crucial. Don’t wait until the actual day!

Reflect on the role

Make sure you read the job description in detail. Highlight the key requirements of the role and match your skills and experience to them. Then, select a few of these and think about concrete examples you could use at interview to demonstrate your ability.

E.g. If “proven sales experience” is essential, you might say that you increased sales by 15% in a previous role by expanding the existing customer base.

Check out the company

It’s not just the job that you’re applying for; it’s also the organisation. Find out more about their mission, values and goals on their company website and social media. Again, you might find it useful to focus on a few areas that are of interest to discuss at interview.

E.g. If the company has a strong commitment to sustainability, you might tell your interviewer that you set up the “green team” in your current workplace and have introduced initiatives like paper and toner recycling.

Think about what makes you unique

Everyone brings different skills and experience to a role; the secret is finding the special something that is unique to you. You could draw on professional or personal experience to answer this one.

E.g. If you belong to a public speaking group and/or regularly engage in debates, think about mentioning it at interview, especially if the role requires a high level of interpersonal skills.

Practise makes perfect!

Run through your response with a trusted family member or friend and ask for feedback on content and delivery. The idea isn’t to memorise the whole thing, but to have a clear outline of what to say on the day. Your interviewer will likely know if you’ve prepared an answer, but you want to be as authentic as possible.

On the day

  • Take your notes with you – you’ll find it useful to have some key points to refer to if your mind suddenly goes blank
  • Be confident but avoid arrogance – it’s a fine line!
  • Be positive: talk yourself up; don’t talk others down

Interview questions like this one are designed to be challenging, but with preparation, research and practice, you’ll be able to confidently demonstrate why you are the best person for the job.

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