Temporary and Permanent Recruitment

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Permanent is at the very heart of Optimal Recruitment. Our experienced team is resourceful and adept at filling any job, whether in corporate services, sales & marketing, IT, healthcare, office support, finance, warehouse or logistics.

We are committed to always going that extra mile, making sure we provide people of the highest calibre. We advertise, cross-market, headhunt and network to find the perfect match for your role. And by doing this exceptionally well, we ensure we stand out from the competition.

Client visits are an essential part of our approach to recruitment. Face-to-face meetings provide us with valuable insights into your company’s values and culture. This results in a fully targeted approach and ensures the right fit for both clients and candidates.

Our dedicated temporary team specialises in filling staff positions with skilled, flexible candidates. We know you need people quickly and can deliver with as little as 2 hours’ notice.

Our temps are available to cover work overloads of any duration, maternity leave, annual vacation, employee sickness, and more. We offer competitive weekly or specially negotiated daily rates. We also offer competitive temp-to-perm solutions.
All our services are tailored to your requirements and budget, providing us with a significant  edge over our competitors. We know that every business is different and we work with you to ensure the right fit.