The words “customer service” may not be in your job title, but the chances are that you use a wide range of customer service skills in your day-to-day role. Communication, active listening, empathy, product knowledge, conflict resolution . . . the list goes on.

Many so-called soft skills fall under the customer service banner. And they are often highly sought after by employers across industry sectors. Reason, therefore, to draw attention to this valuable skillset on your resume. Here are a few ways to do just that.

  • Start your resume with a Professional Summary. This is a quick snapshot showing potential employers who you are, what you offer and what you are looking for in your next role. Grab their attention straightaway by highlighting your commitment to customer service, e.g.

“HR consultant with a strong consumer-centric mindset and 10 years’ experience in designing and delivering employee engagement and wellbeing programs.”

  • Consider inserting a Key Competencies section in your resume, featuring a series of customer service skills/keywords, such as
    • Effective communication: adept at listening and tailoring language to individual customers/clients
    • Product knowledge: demonstrated understanding of company products and ability to explain their actual and perceived benefits
  • Include customer service skills in your Career History under the various roles you have held. If you previously worked as a retail assistant in a clothing store, show how you delivered an exceptional customer experience with phrases like “Provided customers with a warm welcome to the store” and “Guided customers instore and advised them on fashion choices, sizes and fit.”

By highlighting your customer service skills and experience on your resume, you are drawing attention to your ability to engage in positive interactions with others, to share knowledge and provide solutions. What a great way to enhance your professional profile and increase your chances of securing an interview!

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