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Are You Manager Material ?

Now could be the time to make your next move up the career ladder. But do you have what it takes to become a people manager? Here are eight skills we think every manager needs to make a success of their role. Whether you’re relatively new to management or currently considering your options, we hope you find this checklist useful.

Leading by example

A manager is first and foremost able to manage themselves – their emotions, their time, their workload . .  everything. Chaos, stress and uncertainty are not part of your world, or at least that’s the impression you give. You steer with a steady hand and instil a sense of confidence in your team.

Expertise and deep experience in your industry

To be a credible manager, it helps to have deep experience in your industry sector. If you feel this is lacking on your resume, attending conferences (virtual or otherwise) and networking with other industry professionals can be great ways to your boost your profile. Meeting new people has the potential bonus of opening up career paths, too.

Quest for knowledge

A good manager recognises the importance of gaining experience and learning new skills throughout their career. You lay open issues for discussion, read the latest newsletters, sign up for courses and attend workshop and seminars. And you work with the individuals in your team to identify areas for improvement and encourage them to pursue relevant training and development opportunities.

Translating company vision into action

A good manager not only ‘gets’ the company vision, they are also able to translate it into actions in the workplace. By setting achievable goals and motivating your team to work towards them, you ensure that everyone contributes towards making that vision a reality.

Ability to see the bigger picture

A manager doesn’t allow themselves to get caught up in everyday nitty gritty. You have the ability to step back, gain a fresh perspective, see where things are heading and make the necessary changes to keep work on track.

Communication at all levels within a company

Confident communication is a core management skill. A good manager is able to have conversations at all levels within the company and outside it. You know what to say and how to adapt your style and words to suit different individuals and settings.

Comfortable with delegation

Managing well is about letting go and delegating. You have to be confident that someone else in your team will be able to get the job done. Perhaps not in the same way as you. Perhaps in a better way. But you know they’ll complete it on time and to a high standard without you needing to stand and watch over their shoulder.

Valuing the people in your team

A good manager has a genuine understanding of the individual strengths within their team. You allocate tasks to maximise effectiveness. You also take the time to listen to individual voices, acknowledge their opinions and suggestions and act on them when there is benefit to be gained.

If you’re reading this and nodding your head in agreement because this is you – or could be you in a few months’ time – then start sharpening your management profile today. Sign up for the virtual conference you’ve had your eye on, work on your communication skills, review your resume and LinkedIn profile. And you’ll be ready to take on the next challenge in your career.

What skills do you think a good manager needs? We’d love your input.

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