8 ways to be a better manager


Look back at the various jobs you’ve held since you started work. Can you think of a “good” manager, someone who made a positive impression on you? Someone who you may – inadvertently – compare all other managers to? Perhaps they are the sort of manager you aspire to be. Now, can you think of a “bad” manager, someone whose approach to management you definitely won’t be adopting?

While the good manager may have seemed like a natural at the job, the chances are that they spent considerable time and effort honing their skills and are still climbing that learning curve. Because as every good manager knows, there is always room for improvement.

1. Be open to improvement

They may hold a position of seniority, but managers are not exempt from training and development. Learning is a lifelong process and there are always new skills to master.

2. Coach and guide

A good manager delegates tasks and is then present to coach and guide their team. They steer away from micromanagement but have a clear overview of what every individual is doing.

3. Communicate

Good communication is at the heart of good management. As a manager, it is important to set goals and expectations, provide feedback, invite discussion and listen to ideas.

4. Understand the team

A good manager knows everyone on their team – individual strengths, preferences, learning style and areas for improvement. They can then assign tasks accordingly and provide training opportunities where needed.

5. Encourage diversity

All too often, managers demonstrate “mini-me” syndrome, where they hire and show preferential treatment towards individuals who are like themselves. A good manager recognises the value of diversity in their team and promotes an inclusive work environment where individuals can thrive.

6. Be a role model

A good manager leads by example and models the type of behaviour they expect from their team. If they expect hard work, they demonstrate what they mean by hard work. If things get tough, they remain calm and level-headed.

7. Have the courage of their convictions

Confidence is one of the hallmarks of a good manager and it is especially important when they have to make difficult decisions and stand firm.

8. Celebrate success

A good manager recognises good work, gives credit where credit’s due, and celebrates individual, team and company success.

A manager can become a good manager. A good manager can become a better manager. The key is understanding that improvement is always possible. Innate qualities can be developed, skills can be acquired, and experience can be gained.

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