7 signs you need temp staff

7 Signs you need a Christmas Temp this year

What a year 2020 has been! The way we use to work has changed forever and while we are still adjusting to working remotely or in the office a few days a week, the key message this year is all about flexibility. With the holiday season nearly upon us are you feeling swamped all the time? Do your staff want to take extra leave for the holiday period but you just don’t know how you could cope without them. Are you unexpectedly busier than ever, when you thought it would be a quiet one this year. All of this can leave you feeling a little bit…. well stressed.

With Christmas just around the corner; hiring a temporary staff member for this period could be just what you need. We have made a list of 7 signs that show if you are in need of some extra help.

1. Are you seeing Increased Work Load?

Have your permanent staff booked in holidays, maternity leave, sick leave and maybe even a sabbatical earlier in the year when we thought it was going to be a quiet Christmas and before you realised it, you are now feeling a bit short staffed for the silly season. Hiring a Temporary team member can get you out of a pickle. You may not need someone for a full working week; so, this is where the benefits of a temporary worker come into play.  Under most of the Awards a casual has a minimum of 3 hours per day; this might be all you need to help you through the peak times of your day.

2. Overtime is not just a once off but most days of the week.

Are you and your employees happy working overtime and will they be happy to keep doing this over the summer holidays and Christmas period? Generally, we want to sit back, take a break, attend Christmas gatherings and family events. Consider the morale of your team if they are unable to balance work life and play. Bringing in a temporary staff member could help alleviate the stress of the team, reduce workloads and help boost team morale.

3. Lack of suitable permanent candidates

Have you been unsuccessfully trying to hire a new permanent employee for months now, but you just can’t find the right candidate? Instead of rushing into offering just anyone the job because you are desperate and Christmas is coming; have you considered hiring a temporary staff member instead to get you through. If you have a role that needs to be filled immediately then is makes sense to fill the vacancy with a temporary staff member until you can find a permanent employee with the right fit. Its also a great way to try someone out and you never know they may end up being the perfect fit.

4. Skill Shortage in the office

Do you require a specialise skill or a highly sought-after profession? Christmas may be the perfect time to hire a temporary employee; especially if your competitors are having a hiatus over the Christmas break you may be able to fill your skill gap to get through certain projects or get some workloads erased. You never know they may stick around and your team may learn some extra skills and tips in the process.

5. Are you turning down orders?

Are you under pump so much that you are saying ‘no’ to more work. Imagine saying no back in March.. but this is a similar story we are hearing everyday now. The team is already stretched how can we take on more?… A temporary staff member can jump in and free up some of your permanent employees so they can take on more work; while boosting morale and you increase business and hopefully profits it’s a win-win 😊

6. You are feeling stressed more than usual?

Running a business or being the manager is stressful at the best of times, but throw in the year 2020 is, and the holiday season and over worked employees, skills shortages and not enough time in the day to complete your tasks it’s a disaster waiting to happen! If you are feeling run down and literally exhausted.  Maybe even feeling sick at the amount of work you need to get done; maybe it’s time to think about getting a temporary staff member in to help you out. If you are taking too much work on, are you achieving anything?  A temp can help you get back on track.

7. Your staff need help

Are your employees begging for help, or constantly asking for support? Has customer service levels dropped? If the answer is yes than sit down with your team and address this. A stressed, unhappy, burned out employee is a flight-risk. By bringing a Temporary staff member in, you can help alleviate the stress of the team and solve a crisis before it happens.

The benefits of hiring a casual employee right now:

  • There is NO notice period. We can work together around this however if you want 3 hours’ notice than that is fine, we can write that in the contract for you.
  • Access to new skills, casual hire does not need to be just admin staff. Are you lacking expertise somewhere in your team? A casual hire can help you out on critical projects, bring in fresh ideas.
  • Provides you with flexibility. You might not need someone 40 hours per week so let the casual fill in your gaps – under most of the Awards a casual has a minimum of 3 hours per day.
  • A fantastic way to try before you buy.
  • It could save you money. Casuals may do less hours than a permanent placement and you are not paying sick leave, holiday pay etc
  • Hiring a casual may boost morale in the team.

Our Temporary Staff Agency Rates

Our rates can be tailored to your requirements and budget, providing us with a significant edge over other temp agencies. We offer competitive weekly or specially negotiated daily rates.

We know that every business is different, and we will work closely with you to find cost-effective recruitment solutions.  So, call us on 02 8416 4181 and we can find a solution for you.

Use the current situation to your advantage; hire a fantastic skilled casual today, try before you offer them a permanent role as you may have a great resource and you have nothing to lose.