How to Get the Promotion You Want in 2021

How to Get the Promotion You Want in 2021

You’ve been with your current organisation for a while, you’ve built good working relationships and are achieving excellent results. Activity is on the rise and the future is looking positive for the industry. This is the year for moving up the career ladder. Or is it? Landing a promotion is not always as straightforward as you might hope. Here are some tried and tested tips to help you on your way.

Is there room for growth?

A good place to start is by taking a step back from your role and thinking about the scope for career advancement in your organisation. What is the company structure? Are there opportunities for internal promotions? What is the future vision and growth? As well as considering these questions, think about your ongoing interest in the organisation: is this where you want to be for the next few years or more?

Work hard and work well

It goes without saying that strong performance on the job is an essential requirement for promotion. But to stand out from the rest, it’s important to go beyond the confines of your job description. You might have the opportunity to work on projects with other departments or take on additional responsibilities. Show willing and you’ll have the chance to prove your potential for growth in the organisation.

Track your accomplishments

You may be a standout performer, but do you have a record of all you’ve achieved? Keep track of your accomplishments – and where possible quantify them. When you sit down for your annual performance appraisal or job promotion interview, you’ll have hard evidence and data to impress senior management.

Develop your skills

Seek opportunities to enrich your skillset by participating in training. And ask about leadership and management courses. It’s true that specialised programs can be expensive, but some organisations are prepared to fund or subsidise them for high-potential employees.

Build good working relationships

A leader has the respect of people within the organisation, so it is crucial to develop and maintain good relationships across all levels. There are many ways to achieve this, such as acting as a role model for your peers and your team, listening to others, acknowledging contributions and offering advice, support and solutions.

Ask for feedback

If you are looking to grow, seek feedback from your manager, team and peers. They may suggest areas for improvement that you haven’t previously considered. By acting on their advice and working on these areas, you’ll demonstrate that you are open to suggestions from others and committed to achieving your potential.

Seek out a mentor

A good mentor can help you progress within your role and in your career by helping you define your goals, providing advice and sharing their stories. If an official mentoring program doesn’t exist in your organisation, ask a senior manager you respect and trust if they would be prepared to take on the role.

Contribute to the company vision

Show your commitment to your organisation’s goals by embracing and contributing to the company vision – and encouraging your team to do the same. You could share your suggestions on organisational strategy and direction at meetings, for example. Or check-in with team members once a month to discuss progress on their goals and how they align with the company vision.

Network in your industry

Involvement in the bigger picture can enhance your potential for promotion. By attending industry-wise conferences, seminars and workshops, you’ll learn from other experts in the field and gain access ideas you could introduce and implement in your own organisation. You’ll also build a valuable network of contacts.


Don’t shy away from self-promotion but keep it authentic! Share and celebrate your achievements, offer your support and expertise to others and develop your personal brand. In order to land that promotion, you need to be active and visible in the organisation.

Today, working hard and working well are not enough to get ahead. By building a strong internal and external network and investing time and energy in yourself, your organisation and your industry, you will gain the knowledge, skills and attention you need to succeed.