How Can You Improve Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace?

Leading Australian tech company, Atlassian, are now comfortably installed in their new flagship premises in Sydney. The offices are everything you would expect from an innovative software business. And more.

Visitors arriving at the airy open plan reception sign in via IPad, take a seat and soak up the funky music and buzz of conversation around them. Further inside the cutting edge offices, employees have access to variety of workspaces that can be reconfigured as required; there are also soundproof pods for one-on-one meetings or individual focus, and meeting rooms named after hit songs from the 80s and 90s.

When they’re in need of a snack, employees can make use of the many breakout areas and tea points located around the office. They can also help themselves to free food and drink from the kitchen, including a variety of breakfast options and a fully-catered lunch menu. There’s even an ice-cream station! The only potential downside: Atlassian employees have to venture downstairs or outside the main building to collect their barista brews, which encourages them to take a breather from the office environment.

The lack of coffee aside, the new Atlassian offices offer a multitude of creative and generous perks to their employees. But are soundproof pods and free brekkie all it takes to keep employees happy? Here at Optimal Recruitment, we’ve put our heads together and come up with some other aspects that can improve employee satisfaction in the workplace.

  1. Interesting and varied work

Ensure that employees find their work stimulating. It doesn’t matter how many free ice creams you offer people; if they are bored on the job, they are not going to be engaged.

  1. Opportunity to use skills at work

Encourage your employees to make the most of their skills by providing them with relevant opportunities – people like to show where they can add value.

  1. Good working relationships

Promote positive and respectful relationships at all levels in the company, and contribute towards the creation of a supportive organisational culture.

  1. Training and career opportunities

It is human nature to want to learn, develop and progress. Respond to this need for growth by encouraging employees to participate in training sessions and offering them a chance to climb the ladder.

  1. Competitive pay structure

Show your employees they are valued by paying them above the going rate. Bonuses, benefits and other perks are also important motivational tools.

  1. Appreciation and praise for work well done

People like to be recognised for what they have achieved. Employees are more likely to be satisfied with and loyal to an organisation where their work is openly appreciated.

  1. Involvement in the company vision

Keep your employees up to date about where the company is headed – everyone likes to be in the know.

  1. Flexibility

Understand that employees have a life outside the office. A little flexibility on start and finish times, for example, can help individuals strike a healthy work/life balance.

No doubt about it, the new Atlassian Sydney offices are an attractive and original showcase for their informal team-based culture. But employee satisfaction is influenced by so much more than clever aesthetics and fancy perks. It’s what goes on behind the scenes that really counts.

How does your business ensure employee satisfaction in the workplace? We’d love to hear your thoughts.