How Can A Recruitment Agency Help Me Find A Job?

Searching for a new job can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Think of the hours you’ve spent in the past sifting through job ads, writing cover letters, and racking your brains over responses to target questions. ‘Surely there’s a better way to do this?’ you ask. ‘A less stressful, less busy way?’ And there is.

Recruitment agencies work with both employers and job seekers, and their teams are skilled at matching the right person to the right role. What’s more, their services are free for job seekers.

Here are six ways recruitment agencies can help you find and secure a rewarding role.

  1. Reviewing your resume

This might seem obvious, but a well-crafted resume will attract a recruiter’s attention and invite them in for a closer look. An experienced recruiter will be able to help you structure and fine-tune the content and customise your resume for specific roles. They may also assist you with creating and updating your LinkedIn profile, or connect you with someone who can.

  1. Conducting skills tests

Many roles have specific requirements, such as sound knowledge of Word and Excel or accurate data entry skills. Proven ability in these, along with a revamped resume, can help you reach the next stage of the selection process. Recruitment agencies can typically assess you on a range of software and skills, including the Microsoft Office Suite, alpha-numeric data entry and typing. Some also offer psychometric and aptitude tests.

  1. Refining your job search

In your initial interview with a recruitment agency, your recruiter will want to find out more about your career aspirations. If you are unsure of your next move, they will be able to guide and advise you. Even if you know exactly where you’re heading, they will be able to suggest potential roles that you may not have considered. Recruiters have excellent market and industry knowledge to share with you and shape your search.

  1. Creating connections

An established recruitment agency—and experienced recruiters—will have built strong relationships with employers in their local area or field of expertise. Recruiters will often know which businesses have vacancies and can connect you with hiring managers even if their roles are not yet advertised. They may also make a speculative application on your behalf if they consider you to be the perfect fit for a particular employer.

  1. Managing the application process

Your recruiter will discuss suitable roles with you and, with your agreement, market your profile and send your resume to potential employers. They will follow up on the applications and keep you updated on how things are progressing. And if progress is slow, they’ll contact you to review your requirements and refine your search.

  1. Providing support and guidance

Partnering with a recruitment agency can prove invaluable throughout the recruitment and selection process. As well as refreshing your resume, your recruiter can provide you with useful interview tips and advice on salary packages and benefits at the offer stage. Even when you’ve started your new job, they will follow up with you to ensure that all is going well.

Simplify your job search! Partner with a recruitment agency today and you’ll be several steps closer to finding and securing a rewarding role

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